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Journal of a Modern Kemetic

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15 February
I'm a Kemetic reconstructionist, commonly known as Weben Banu or simply "Banu." I'm neither a priest nor a teacher- just someone who loves the gods, loves to learn, and loves to share with those who are walking this path along with me. I'm a Remetj in the House of Netjer; having passed through several different temple, school, and community groups before coming to rest with what I have discovered is a strong and loving family- growing and thriving under the gods' love and guidance. I consider myself indebted to every group who has sheltered me on the many lengths of my spiritual journey- I have received many lessons and perspectives along the way- and I identify strongly as a member of the modern Kemetic community which spans each and beyond all of these groups.

I am a child of Bast who delights in the hunt- through this journal I stalk my library and my life, chasing down interesting bits of information and dragging them home to tuck neatly into the Community's shoe, arrange them on the pillow, or perhaps leave them laying right on your front doorstep... where ever I think they'll be noticed- and hopefully appreciated a little bit more than your average housecat's trophies.^_^' Since my spirituality informs every aspect of my daily life, you'll find the vast majority of these entries to be based in Kemetic reconstructionist religion. I don't want to offend folks with my experiences and understandings of Kemetic theology/life- though obviously I feel that my current interpretations are correct, or else I wouldn't be using them myself!^_~ My goal here is to share a bit of the wonder and joy that I find in catching these pieces of mystery, and in watching them grow and develop as I match them together with the other ones which I'd thought I'd already devoured. In that spirit, I hope that the members of the Kemetic Community will read the entries on this journal and find them exciting, helpful, hopeful, and/or enriching in some way- and that they will respond, to tell me of their own experiences and views on the subjects at hand.^_^


I found this nifty little search program on someone else's info page- I've actually wished I could find something like this many times in the past, so enjoy! You can use this to search the last 50 posts for whatever interests you, but unfortunately it will only cover the most recent 50 posts- there's lots more to be found. Also, please note that this tool is case sensitive- I just did a search on "bast" and got only one response! LOL!

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