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PantheaCon 2010

It's not quite over yet, but I'm taking a break from the festivities to revel in some of the wonderful experiences I've had and stuff I've found at the convention so far!

It's been great meeting up with Kemetics from near and far, and different styles of practice! I was a bit bummed that there weren't more Kemetic presentations this year, but so far I've spoken to two people who had put in applications for Kemetic workshops which were denied- so perhaps the con staff feels that we've been a little over-represented of late. Still, there have been and will be three presentations from three different perspectives within the community.

On Saturday morning, Tamara Siuda gave a wonderful presentation on prayer from the Kemetic Orthodox tradition. This morning, Tony Mierzwicki gave a talk on Graeco-Egyptian magic which I was sadly unable to attend. I'm not at the convention today, but I have friends there who should be taking notes for me and I look forward to hearing from them. Tomorrow morning Richard Reidy will be giving a talk, as a Kemetic reconstructionist, on ancient Egyptian oracles and divination. I'd love to hear from anyone who went to any of these presentations- let's discuss!!!

However I must admit that the main reason I'm posting today is actually because I have had such uncommonly good luck in the vendor room this year. I have pictures to share!

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