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Talk on Kemetic Reconstructionism at Ancient Ways

For all those who are in the San Francisco Bay Area, there will be a talk on Kemetic Reconstructionism at Ancient Ways this Thursday! May 8th at 7:30 PM in the Ancient Ways store of Oakland, Richard Reidy will be speaking on the concept and practice of being a modern person living true to ancient Egyptian religious, traditional ideals.

Richard Reidy is a member of the Temple of Ra, and author of several of the ritual works which were at one time published through Akhet Hwt-Hrw but are now slowly being released in actual book form. I have his first book, "Ancient Egyptian Rituals for the Modern World" and love it. This is just from me personally, but what I have seen and heard from this man has really struck a chord with what I value in the reconstructionist approach- more so even than most of the temples with which I have studied thus far, lol. Anyway, if you're in the area I really hope that you can come! The talk is open to all Kemetics, and pretty much anyone who's honestly interested in hearing another view on the subject.^_^
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