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Bast: Titles, references, and links

Titles of Bast

Below are some of the titles that I have found for Nbt Bast- I began this list long ago and never truly intended to share it publicly, so I didn't keep track of where I found most of them. I will come back and add to this list as I find more titles, or to credit the sources where I found the titles I already have:

Devouring Lady {1}
Lady of the East
The Light Bearer
Lady of Truth
Goddess of the Birth Chamber
Mistress of Bubastis
Eye of Her Father, Ra
Lady of the Life of the Two Lands
She Who protects the Two Lands and the Akhu
Invisible Paw {2}
Northern Hethert
Goddess of Family and Home
Lady of Perfumes
The Great
Giving all life
Who creates the Transformation in the Field
The One who is over the secrets of Atum
Lady of the shrine
The eye of Horus
Pre-eminent in the Field-of-the-God
Lady of heaven
Mistress of all the gods
Mistress of the Two Lands
Eye of Atum
Eye protecting Her Father Re
Mistress of Pr-ns(r)t
W't (the unique) who has no peer
Mehnet who is over..[text lost]..
The goddess Wnet
Giver of Valor
The goddess Wsert
The Daughter of Re
Bast, the Nurse

{1} Siuda, Tamara; "42 Purifications" beginning in the "Daily Devotions for April 11, 2001"
{2} Siuda, Tamara; "Daily Devotions for September 13, 2000"


Unfortunately there is only one- very short- surviving myth which may involve Bast. The myth has come to us by way of a spell to cure scorpion sting, and briefly relates how a female cat was stung by a scorpion one day. Falling to Her knees She cries out to Her father Ra to heal Her, and Ra then drives the venom from Her body. Through associating the victim of a scorpion sting with this cat, and re-enacting this myth by calling on Ra to drive out the venom from the victim's body, this myth was used as part of the treatment for the sting.


There are no surviving hymns to Bast, though I have found a couple of modern offerings which I particularly like. These are not traditional hymns, they are modern creation, but as a child of Bast, I have found them to be very moving:


  • (towards the end of the page, set within a ritual)

    Suggested Reading

    Anyone with an interest in Bast would do well to find a copy of:

  • Malek, Jaromir. The Cat in Ancient Egypt. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997.

    Other books which include articles on Bast and the role of cats in Ancient Egypt:

  • Houlihan, Patrick. The Animal World of the Pharaohs. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1996. pp 80-95.

  • Pinch, Geraldine. Magic in Ancient Egypt. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1995. pp 39, 117-118.

  • Watterson, Barbara. Gods of Ancient Egypt. Godalming: Bramley Books Limited, 1999. pp 201-203.






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