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Getting ready for PCon 2006

I am so excited about PCon this year- this will be the first time in several years where I'm going to be able to afford to be there for the whole thing, and there is as rich an offering of Kemetic workshops as there ever has been! In fact, I've noticed a few more workshops in general on recon approaches to the various pantheons, as well as a couple of events centered around specific ancient sites and their historical relevance to specific cults (none of them Kemetic, unfortunately-_-).

The PCon schedule is currently up on the Ancient Ways site, and can be found by following this link. In years past I've noticed that there are always some changes between the online schedule and the final version- and usually several last minute additions- but so far the most exciting things I see are the three (yes, three) Kemetic festivals, and two panels from two different sects on their views of the religion and pantheon. There will be the usual Bast Festival, of course- Her festival has been something of a PCon tradition, and the main reason that I go each year.^_^ There will also be a Wsyr and akhw honoring festival hosted by the House of Netjer, and a ritual in honor of Skhmt hosted by the Church of the Eternal Source (CES). The latter is a group which bubbahotep111 has often mentioned in his comments here, but they're a relatively new discovery for me and I'm looking forward to sitting in on the seminar which one of their members will be holding, discussing his view and approach to ancient Egyptian religion. HoN will also be holding a panel, with their spiritual leader, several priests, and devotees, discussing their experiences and views of our gods. I feel like a kid going to Disney World.^_^

So far, the events which seem interesting are the following (bolded and underlined text are ones I am definitely attending, which unfortunately means I won't make the others listed for those times):

2:00 PM Friday
Opening Ritual

3:30 PM Friday
Designing Sacred Space: Lessons from the 2004 Interfaith Sacred Space Design Competition (just because I want to see if it's actually possible, lol)

Healing and Curing

Egyptian Religion

Mind, Flow & Magick

7:00 PM Friday
The Grey School of Wizardry

11:00 PM Friday
PombaGira Devotional (just because I really should go at least once...^_~)

9:00 AM Saturday
Pombagira 101 (ideally, I'd like to attend this before the PombaGira... but oh well^_^)

11:00 AM Saturday
Ancestors and Inner Allies

The Invocation Contract -- Setting Sane Boundaries for Trance Possession.

1:30 PM Saturday
Temple Dance

Justice Informed by our Pagan roots

Warders, Watchers and Guardians

3:30 PM Saturday
Changing Models of Pagan Community Leadership

7:00 PM Saturday
Egyptian Sekhmet ritual

Diagnostic Skills for Energy Healers

9:00 PM Saturday
Healing Ritual of Light & Sound

Oracular Seidh

9:00 AM Sunday
Trancework in the Counseling Setting

11:00 AM Sunday
Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt (The Netjeru of Kemet)

Living the Magical Life

Coyote Goes Walking (just because the coyot's kids are so much fun to watch^_~)

1:30 PM Sunday
Luck, Fate, and the Ancestors

Magical Stones Workshop - the use of gems, minerals, stones

3:30 PM Sunday
Bast - A Celebration of Life

7:00 PM Sunday
Art, Alchemy, and the Hermetic Emblem Tradition

American Ancestors

9:00 PM Sunday
Offerings to Osiris: Sharing with the Dead

Oracular Seidh

Psychic Vampires and You: Dispelling the Myths

11:00 PM Sunday
Fire Drum Circle

11:00 AM Monday
Passing on the magic, the origins of our rituals and magical tools (and by "our," I think they mean Wicca or Western Magic- but this sort of thing is often still interesting^_~)

Car Magic

1:30 PM Monday
Pagan Eye for the Muggle Guy (looks like this will be taking the place of "Iron Priest" [the Iron Chef knockoff] this year, but it promises to be just as hilarious^_^)

3:30 PM Monday
Closing Ritual

This year the schedule seems to have quite a few interesting things going on all at once, and a few stretches of time where there's nothing much of interest at all going on. But oh well- I guess that means that I might actually remember to eat this year?^_^ And there will probably be several new additions filling in those holes by the time that I actually get there- the only thing which I really regret is that the Skhmt Ritual and the seminar on diagnostics for energy healing both take the same slot. That was a really unfortunate bit of scheduling, as most of Skhmt's devotees are involved in healing in some way, and many of them would probably have wanted to go to the diagnostics seminar. But the way that I see it, I've seen fewer public Kemetic rituals than classes on energy healing- and Skhmt also gives guidance in healing work, as appropriate. So I'll go with the Skhmt ritual this year, and look for more diagnostics next year if possible.

Anybody else going?^_^
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