Banu (fyrekat) wrote,

Kemetic goods and services?

I'd love to see a "Kemetic Marketplace," where Kemetics can gather to offer supplies for the rest of the community. It's an idea which I've been considering for a while- I'd like to have such a resource for my own use, but I just never seemed to have enough Kemetic craftsfolk to make an appreciable list.

If anyone in the community makes stuff which they would distribute to others, and would like to be included in the list I will be hosting here, please leave me a comment and a link to the page/post in your journal or other online site where you offer your services.

My only requirement is that the artist/creator has dedicated him/herself to the ntjrw, and that you have a URL to which I can link. When I get enough of them, I'll put up a list and link to it from the journal contents column (on the right side of my journal home pages). I may eventually add a supplement of exceptionally good non-Kemetic merchants, but I would like to make the members of our own community the focus in this project.
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