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Some thoughts on Heka- Kemetic magic

As I learn, I find that the practice of magic enriches my experience of the ntjrw in many ways.  The interacting energies and intentions are like a language specially designed to travel the bond between Ntjr and the people- and you all know how much I love languages!^_~  I see the use of heka or magic as merely another form of prayer.  That's what magic has always been to me- prayer with props.  I say it flippantly, but I don't believe that seeing heka as such in any way diminishes it.  It is what it is, and some folks may make more of it than what it is and some folks may ignore it in favor of other things, but to me it is a beautiful and powerful thing, and I cherish it. 

Like a language, heka opens up new experiences and perspectives on my relationship with the ntjrw with each new rule that I learn.  Magic has rules- just like any other force, it is neat and orderly within it's own world even if the map and key to its "world" don't necessarily match up very neatly with our own.  It's just that learning those rules can be difficult.  Having a teacher can help, but it is still difficult because the only way to really learn the language of magic is by "cultural immersion" in your system of choice.  The best way to learn a language is to simply confine yourself to an environment where no other language is spoken, and you eventually pick it up out of necessity. Similarly, to learn heka you must jump into the world of Kemetic magic and simply be there until it becomes a part of you; until you learn to sense its presence and understand its logic. That can be frightening and frustrating all at the same time. 

I ordered a book recently- "The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice" by Robert K Ritner.^_^  It sounds like an interesting book, and even if I don't understand it all now, I still hope that it may prove helpful to me later. When it arrives, and I've had a chance to read some of it, I hope to continue this discussion on the value of heka in modern Kemetic religion.

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