September 4th, 2003

'glyph cat

A Directory of Ntjrw

With the help of my friend lilairen, I now have a way of including the hieroglyphic writings of the names of the ntjrw in my posts! Thanks, lilairen!!! Since there were so very many ntjrw I'll probably never have Them all here, and I know I'll never have descriptions or the opportunity to comment on my experience of Them all in this small journal- or even an opportunity to experience Them all in my small life. Still, these writings are here because the names of the ntjrw are sacred and vital to the health and stability of this world. Where possible, I have linked the translations of the names to entries in my journal. This is another one of those posts that I'll be building up from time to time, so if your Beloved is not mentioned on my list please post a response to this thread! I'll do everything I can to include Him or Her.
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