August 24th, 2003


Another addition to the Glossary

I've added two entries to my Ongoing Kemetic Glossary:

open statue- noun, singular neut. (plural: open statues) Refers to a statue which has been ritually consecrated as a channel or vessel to hold the essence of the ntjr(t) it represents- this was traditionally done in each temple with the icon which was kept in the innermost shrine, the holy of holies. Occasionally, open statues find their way into museums, though I have found that if a glass case is placed around them it tends to quiet their energies down. In these cases, you wouldn't notice their nature unless you'd been around before they had been placed in the enclosed box. Most modern Kemetic temples have rituals to open new statues, however tending to an open statue is a great deal more responsibility than owning a regular icon.

Wag- festival A kind of Kemetic "Day of the Dead," the Wag festival is a time for us to honor our beloved akhw and the role they play in our lives and communities. Though exact dates depend on which Kemetic calendar you follow, the Wag festival is usually sometime in August on the Julian calendar. The name of the festival may be related to the word "wag" which means, literally, "shouting." (If so, this may refer to the noise of a particularly jubilant festival or the sound of many offering prayers being read and stories being retold- though this last is purely speculation on my part.)

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