March 1st, 2003


Creation and the Daily Rite

Last night I really did not feel like doing my Daily Rite.,_, But I was good, got my stuff together, and no matter how tired or frenzied or terrible I feel, it always melts away once I'm kneeling in front of my altar and have struck that first match. So many times I've promised myself, "You don't have to recite a monologue in shrine, just stop in for a short time and then go to bed," but once I'm in there I just don't want to leave. Last night was one of those times. There's something about the vapors from the incense that really makes me think. I love the soft glow of the candlelight, and the radiance of the icons of course, and the symetrical layout of the offerings is also an important part (to me) of setting the ritual atmosphere, but the incense- the way the smoke or vapors weave gently back upon themselves as they lift into the air- has always reminded me of my own thoughts and prayers as they are carried to the ntjrw. It makes me conscious of my thoughts, and I can just sit and think and watch the incense for hours, so long as it keeps burning.

So I was thinking about the shrine itself and the way it re-enacts Zep Tepi. When we enter shrine, we participate in creation each time- we are there as it happens, we are part of the process, and we bring everything we have with us into the creation of our world at that moment. So what does that mean? Sympathetic magic? Lots of potential for that sort of work at this point. But what do I bring into rite unconsciously, and how does that affect the world that is created? One of our members asked at PCon whether we should abstain from Rite if we're feeling sick or depressed or whatever, and the answer was no. But I can certainly see the reasoning behind his question- wouldn't that contribute a certain kind of energy to this extremely impressionable moment of creation, and affect what was manifested in the world created? But then I also know that the DR is a good time for working out anger, grief, and frustration~ not things you'd want to manifest in your created world, but things you need to get off your chest before creation can happen. So the DR is both manifestation and catharsis, a beginning and an end- a renewal and continuation of creation.
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