January 17th, 2003


And so it begins...

Hi everyone! Well here I am in my brand new journal, wondering and pondering what in the world I am going to write here. ^_^

I learned from reading my friends' LJ's today that there is a new sect developing within the Kemetic community - Per Heh. Apparently they have their own Nisu, and lots of folks are surprised that someone has the gall to call himself Nisu while another well-known group already claims to have one of its own. But really, it's not all that surprising, and it's not the first time. HoN was not the first group to have a Nisu(t)- the Ammonites have one too, and who knows how many smaller and less computer savvy groups have their own nisu(t) or equivalent? I'm surprised to hear that Per Heh is a lot more organized than I thought - I only knew about their image gallery and I thought that was the extent of it. I'm always glad to see more diversity in the Kemetic community - folk with more options means less folk who feel trapped (as in, "I'm here because I want to be Kemetic and this is the only place where I can be with others of my own kind"). I'm also wary of any group who proclaims a divine leader, but then I don't know much about Per Heh quite yet. We'll see where this leads. In the meantime, I have more than enough to keep me busy and happy at a community I know to be healthy and thriving- Kemet Online! I am so far behind over there, and we have a new New Members Class starting up (which looks like it's going to be tons of fun) and a new Beginner's Class (which I'll be taking)... I need to take a few days off from work just to catch up on it all! While it is interesting to see what others are doing, I just don't feel the sense of urgency to manage the rest of the Kemetic community that I did back when I was Wiccan and needed to jump into the activist camp, policing Pagans and Mundanes alike. LOL! Maybe I'm more mature, or maybe it's just that Kemetics tend to keep to themselves more (I don't see any Kemetic organization trying to get TV specials, or lobbying the government), or perhaps we're just too young of a movement and those problems haven't really developed yet. The only thing I worry about with the Kemetic movement is that as we grow larger and continue to spread out both geographically and liturgically, we might eventually spread our borders so thin that we can no longer say who is Kemetic and who is not. I do not know enough about Per Heh to decide whether or not they're pushing those boundaries. I worry about identity issues a lot, but I also know from past experience that if I go in with guns blazing and tell everyone that we need to lay down some definite boundaries and hard rules, then they will at best ignore me and at worst go out of their way to be extra accommodating to balance out what they see as my narrow-mindedness. Wow, I've hit on a rant already. Anyway, I'm interested to see how this Per Heh will develop, guarded insofar as their claim to a Nisu goes (I'll have to see what that means to them), but not really all that worried about it.
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