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Anpw: Titles, references, and links

Titles of Anpw

Below are some of the titles that I have found for Nb Anpw- I began this list long ago and never truly intended to share it publicly, so I didn't keep track of where I found most of them. I will come back and add to this list as I find more titles, or to credit the sources where I found the titles I already have:

Anpw upon His Mountain
Bearer and Giver of blessings
Carrying in His Portion {1}
Claimer of Hearts {2}
Father of Qbhwt ("She of the Libation Vase")
Foremost of the Westerners xntii-imntiw
God of dreams
God of embalming
Guardian of the Tomb
Guide of Souls of Heliopolis
Guide to the next world
He Who is In the Place of Embalming imii-wt
Jackal Ruler of the Bows
Keeper of Secrets
Lord of Ro-Setawe
Son of the Hsat-cow
Who is in His Embalming Tent

{1} Siuda, Tamara; "42 Purifications" beginning in the "Daily Devotions for April 11, 2001."
{2} Utterance 535, line 1285, Pyramid Texts, Tomb of Pepy I.


Anpw's most famous appearance in myth involves Him in the search for the scattered body of Wsyr. He joins the search party formed by Ast and Nbt-Ht, reunites the limbs of the god, and creates the process of mummification in order to preserve the body.

Another story involving a human named "Anpw" relates the tragic tale of his wife's infidelity and the problems this caused between himself and his brother Bata (also named after a ntjr). Though the characters of this story are human, and not the actual ntjrw themselves, the practice of naming a person with the name of a ntjr was a common technique for assimilating their personality with the Divine Principle of the ntjr so named. Those interested can find the full story here.


It seems that the site I've been referencing for most of the traditional hymns to various ntjrw has gone offline. However, there is a beautiful and original hymn to Anpw written by Senytmenu which can be found on her website (just wait for the page to load, the cut ID will take you straight to it).

  • I give greetings to thee, Anpw,
    Thou who art the Guide of Souls of Heliopolis!
    Bearer and Giver of blessings,
    I pray, give Thy blessing to me.
    ~from an 18th Dynasty hymn to Anpw

    Suggested Reading

    There are a few books which relate specifically to Anpw, but they are out of print and very expensive. I haven't read them myself, yet, but I hear that they are very good. You can take that with a grain of natron, and try to find them through ILL:

  • Duquesne, Terence. Anubis and the Spirits of the West. Thame: Prebendal, 1990.

  • Duquesne, Terence. Jackal at the Shaman's Gate. London: Darengo Publications, 1991.

  • Duquesne, Terence. The Black and Gold God. London: Darengo Publications, 1996.




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