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Skhmt: Titles, references, and links

Titles of Skhmt

Below are some of the titles that I have found for Nbt Skhmt- I began this list long ago and never truly intended to share it publicly, so I didn't keep track of where I found most of them. I will come back and add to this list as I find more titles, or to credit the sources where I found the titles I already have:

Skhmt, Great One of Magic
Mother of the Ntjrw
One Who Was Before The Ntjrw Were
Lady Of The Place Of The Beginning of Time
At Whose Wish The Arts Were Born
Beautiful Eye Which Giveth Life To The Two Lands
Beautiful Face, Image Most Beloved By Art
Flaming One
Sovereign of Ra, Her Father
Protectress Of The Ntjrw
Lady of the Scarlet-Colored Garment
Pure One
Destroyer of Rebellions
Eye of Ra
Pre-Eminent One In The Boat Of Millions Of Years
Roamer of Deserts
Wanderer in the Wastes
Only One
Lady of Enchantments
Opener of Ways
Lady Of Transformations
Lady Of The Many Faces
Enrapturing One
Giver Of Ecstasies
Satisfier Of Desires
Inspirer of Men
Victorious One In Battles
Overcomer Of All Enemies
Ruler Of The Desert
Ruler Of Serpents And Of Dragons
Ruler Of Lions
Sublime One
Sparkling One
Great One Of Heka
Lady Of The Magic Lamp
Mother Of The Dead
Lady Of The Bloodbath
Destroyer By Plagues
Great One of Healing
Destroyer By Fire
Lady Of The Waters Of Life
Mistress And Lady Of The Tomb
Great One In The Places Of Judgement And Execution
Guide And Protectress From The Perils Of The Underworld
Great One Of The Place Of Appearances In Silence
Unrivaled And Invincible One
Ruler Of The Chamber Of Flames
The Source
She Whose Opportunity Escapeth Her Not
Winged One
Powerful Of Heart
The Aware
The Gleaming One
Skhmt, Who Reduceth To Silence
Skhmt, Who Rouseth The People
Lady Of Jubilation
Adorable One
Shining Of Countenance
Mother Of Images
Incomparable One
Lady Of Intoxications
Mightier Than The Ntjrw
Most Beautiful
Most Strong
Great One Of Laws
Protectress Of The Divine Order
The One Who Holds Back Darkness
The Beautiful Light
Warrior Ntjrt
Ntjrt of Love
Great One In Heaven
Great Serpent On The Head Of Her Father
Great One Of The Incense Of The Ennead
Great Lady of The House of Life
Queen Of The Venerable Ones
Lady Of The House Of Books
Devouring One
Skhmt Of The Knives
Burner Of Evildoers
The One Before Whom Evil Trembles
Terrible One
Lady Of All Powers
Eternal As Her Father
Lady Of The Manifold Adornments
Most Beautiful Among The Ntjrw
Bountiful One
Skhmt Who Gives Joys
Unwavering, Loyal One
Beloved Teacher
Lady of Pestilence
She Who is Divine Vengeance
Radiant One of Beauty
Powerful One {2}
Mighty One
Mistress of the Two Lands
Lady of Sky
Lady of Manu
Lady of Flame
Lady of the Fire Lake
Powerful One
Bright-Flame {1}
Lady of the Messengers of Death {2}

{1} Siuda, Tamara; "42 Purifications" beginning in the "Daily Devotions for April 11, 2001."
{2} Watterson, Barbara. Gods of Ancient Egypt. Godalming: Bramley Books Limited, 1999.


  • A hieroglyphic version of one of the most famous of Skhmt's myths, "The Destruction of Mankind," can be found at the Ancient Egyptian Language list's homepage. Click here to access. This myth describes how Ra sent Skhmt out to purge the world of humans, who had turned against the ntjrw and even plotted the death of Ra Himself! The following page gives a fine retelling of the myth, although I can't verify his addition of psychotropic substances to the red beer which was used to mollify the raging ntjrt:
    Since I couldn't find an actual translation of the story anywhere on the web, I've posted one in the journal library; that post can be found here.

  • Another, shorter, myth is frequently called "The Myth of the Distant Goddess." It is sometimes linked with "The Destruction of Mankind," but not always. In this tale an angry Hwt-Hrw, sometimes Tfnwt (identified with Skhmt) leaves Kmt and travels south. Without His Eye, Ra becomes weak- and when the life-giving power of the sun grows weak, or the rains of Tfnwt disappear, the people begin to die. Ra sends His most clever and capable- Shw and Djhwty- out to find the ntjrt and bring Her back. In different tellings of the myth, sometimes Shw finds Her and sometimes it is Djhwty, but in the form of a baboon these ntjrw appease the ntjrt with praise and entice Her back to Kmt with entertaining and nostalgic stories of home. On the way home the ntjrt bathes in many streams and ponds. Where ever She does so she turns the water red, but Her anger also subsides a little each time and by Her return She is restored to Her original, pacified, form.


    A couple of hyms can be found at the following address- the first one is, as far as I can tell, a traditional hymn. The second one is, however, a modern creation which I personally associate more with Bast:

    A long list of wonderful hymns and invocations can be found in the resources offered by Akhet Hwt-Hrw:

    Suggested Reading

    I would suggest that those who are looking for authentic information about Skhmt should avoid the book by Robert Masters. While it is a perfectly valid expression of one man's personal mystical system, and may be helpful to people in its own way, it also incorporates a great deal of terminology and philosophy which are his own inventions- cloaked in Egyptian-sounding words to make them seem ancient. It has some beautiful images of Skhmt, however, and it may be worth picking up the book for these pictures.

    Books which include articles on Skhmt and the role of lions in Ancient Egypt:

  • Houlihan, Patrick. The Animal World of the Pharoahs. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1996. pp 90-95.

  • Gahlin, Lucia. Egypt: Gods, Myths and Religion. London: Lorenz Books, 2001. pp 70-73.

  • Watterson, Barbara. Gods of Ancient Egypt. Godalming: Bramley Books Limited, 1999. pp 172-173.





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