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New books! New calendar!

I just picked up a couple of new books by Marshall Clagett- an historian of science who apparently went to his horizon on October 21st of this year. His most recent work was an exploration of ancient Egyptian science- when he died, he was working on Volume four of the series. I don't know how far along he was to completion, but I have the first two volumes now and the third is waiting for me back at the bookstore. It looks fairly promising- the first volume has the Chester Beatty dream book and the Harris Magical Papyrus, which were my main reasons for purchasing it. The second volume has quite a bit of information on calendars and the AE concepts of time and time keeping devices- it contains some translated ritual calendars, but the frustrating part is that Clagett had decided to leave out the appropriate offering lists for each calendar! The third volume is on AE mathematics, and I will be picking it up as soon as I can. I have no idea what he had planned for the fourth volume, or if it will ever be released to the public. Has anyone else heard of this scholar, and can you give me your opinion of his books? These will probably go up on my shelves for a while until I finish with the book that I am currently reading.^_^

In other news, I finally got around to ordering my Kemetic Calendar from HoN. I'm hoping to improve my understanding of ancient Egyptian calendars this year- and with a treasure trove of information from my friend Diana Pierce, and this new book I'm off to a good start I think.^_^ I've been using the Per Ankh calendar, but in following their calendar I've come across a few errors which just keep getting more and more annoying each year.^_^' I'm thinking that it's time to study in depth the calendrical systems of the various temples, and patch up the Per Ankh one for my own use- or maybe even write up another re-creation.

And I am sooo excited about PantheaCon coming up soon! Achilles, kefi, and I already have our room reserved and Achilles and my admissions are paid! I'm looking forward to the Bast festival once again!^_^
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