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Me as a super hero

My roommate's making a superhero character which is based on me! He's doing a great job, especially considering his source material- this character is pretty awesome, actually.^_^ In physical appearance, interests, personality, and fashion sense so far she pretty nearly resembles me. She's meant to be me, actually, in a fantasy world in which Achilles seems to want to play out some stories later on.

Her codename is Icon, after the sacred images of the gods and other spirits. In this story, I've progressed my studies of the Middle Egyptian language to the point where I've somehow stumbled upon the missing vowel sounds! Completing the words, I am now free to invoke their full power and can recite ancient Egyptian spells which transform my body into other beings (such spells can be found in the BoCFbD). I can change into anything for which I have an incantation- the broad collar has little compartments in it where I store scraps of papyrus with incantations written on them, along with whatever small physical relics/amulets are necessary to effect the change. With my newfound powers, I become a super hero who endeavors to preserve and support ma'at in the modern world. The costume is based on ancient Egyptian styles, but has a distinctly modern twist- it's gold because gold was traditionally considered to be the flesh of the gods; Icon takes her devotion and responsibility to the gods very seriously, and wears this gold in deference to Them. Also, many of the forms she takes on are of divine origin- due to the nature of the spells. Blue, in ancient Egypt, had a dual significance of the providence of the Nile waters and the waters of the Nun (from which creation emerged), and also the mystery hidden in their depths. Blue highlights in the costume reflect Icon's mysterious identity, and the gifts which she works to bring to her community.

I like the way she's turning out, so far.^_^ The design has gone through a few stages already- this is only the most recent one. Each one just keeps getting better and better, and so I just had to post this somewhere. Achilles, you rock!
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